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Cellulite fighting devices have no cellulite reduction effects beyond draining users' checking accounts or jacking up their credit cards. This is the strong opinion of skeptics and medical experts. And their viewpoint carries substantial evidence. They also point to the fact that specific anti-cellulite exercises are the only proven way to banish cellulite.

This viewpoint continues to gain support, even though the desperate market for cellulite fighting products an services is expected to grow to over 200 million dollars a year by 2012.

In most of their summary references - these experts do allude to the fact that the only way to reduce or prevent the appearance of cellulite is through a properly structured and targeted exercise routine.

Even though the FDA has technically approved several dozen types of anti-cellulite gadgets, it only judges them on whether they provide short-term changes in appearance. Approvals are not based on actual, structural, long lasting reductions in cellulite.

"We don't have any third party research data or official proof about how long the reduction effect lasts," claims an FDA spokes-person referenced in the well known, Wall Street Journal in a feature article: "The Latest Cellulite Treatments Sound Too Smooth to Be True." After reading this article - it's hard to believe how many women still buy into these devices and gimmicks.

CST (Cosmetic Surgery Today) details the primary paradox in this industry of desperation, empty promises and big money:

Most of the anti-cellulite treatment plans require the woman to commit a series of cellulite reduction treatments in order to see any substantial changes. For example a series of about ten visits is the typical, 'initial' treatment plan, and women are 'advised' to maintain a sensible diet and healthy lifestyle throughout the cellulite treatment process

Skeptics and critics of these beauty-spa/cosmetic procedures highlight that most treatments, at best, may only offer short term improvements, and that most are simply 'jazzed-up' massage sessions that only reduce the ripples & dimples, and the appearance of cellulite on a temporary basis - with no lasting improvements.

They also mention that those women who may have experienced improvements could have done so with properly targeted exercise alone.

But despite all the evidence of doubt, supporters (mainly the companies that sell them) of cellulite treatments state that these non-invasive cellulite treatment procedures are a viable way to drop a few inches, tighten loose skin and see changes within 3 - 4 months.

"None of these things has been shown in any definitive, objective way to offer improvement for cellulite areas," states Bob Weiss of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. "If there was proof - women would be going crazy - and the undeniable proof would be all over the news and talk shows. There would be no debate."

Cellulite device manufacturers stand behind their treatments' effectiveness, however many women have been deeply disappointed. In reader surveys about a few anti-cellulite devices, just a small fraction of women said "Yes" to the straight question "Was the money you spent worth it?"...

Thermage is a supposed skin 'tightening' device, but the company has recently included an anti-cellulite attachment - like on a vacuum cleaner.)

Some Dermatologists are very skeptical about what supposed cellulite removal treatments can offer. They claim that some devices will get rid of cellulite. This is not TRUE.


The chairman of the Dept. of Dermatology at the dimply fat that frustrates so many women is just a secondary sex characteristic like breasts and wide hips that can only be improved with exercises that enhance the structure of the underlying muscles, beneath the skin that shows the cellulite bumps.This will improve the treatment of your butt and thighs for trendy a look,read more
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Thigh exercises with barbells, dumbbells and cumbersome machines. That's all you've been reading about before you got to this article. I know, because I've seen what you've already looked at before you came here.

It's one of the main reasons I chose to write this article. But, before I get into what you need to know about extremely effective and surprisingly simple thigh exercises you can do anywhere, anytime - without strenuous weights and dangerous exercise machines, I want to give you my experienced based perspective on the typical 'weights and machines - bodybuilder, weightlifter, old-school personal trainer' approach to fitness for women. Just copy this URL to your browser and get more from your reading.

It's not the only way of doing something that can be done several other ways. And it's certainly not right for everybody. Fitness instructors and trainers are trained to teach people how to lift weights and use machines. This is fine - but it is just one element in the bigger picture of ways to pursue fitness.

Some of the most effective workouts for toning and shaping your thighs can be achieved with no weights and no equipment.

Factors such as bodyweight, gravity, speed of movement, form and sequence of exercises can be combined and coordinated to give anyone a targeted, results delivering lower body workout that is realistic enough to be a regular routine for any woman.

These elements, when followed on a consistent basis - as part of a regular fitness routine, combined with a wise nutritional intake that is in line with a woman's specific health and fitness goals can produce results that success stories are made out of. Remember.. copy this URL to your browser it speaks volume.

The thigh area is loaded with a bunch of different muscles of various lengths, shapes and thickness. Additionally, the functions of these muscles are all different. However, they must all coordinate with each other to perform the many movements we are capable of.

By taking advantage of these anatomical factors, a complete workout routine of thigh exercises can be devised and implemented with results that are second to none. It doesn't matter if the goal is to lose unnecessary fat and cellulite while firming the muscles underneath or if the goal is to build up and add shapely muscle tone to a flat and scrawny hip and thigh area - the exercises are just as effective in both cases. The big difference in these two cases would be caloric intake.

If we take a female with twenty seven pounds of extra body fat - mostly in the lower body, and we take another female who is very skinny, with no muscle tone - just some flabby skin and maybe some cellulite. The exercise routine can be almost identical - because the desired end results are almost the same but because of the difference in starting points, there has to be a difference in caloric intake.

One promoting fat loss with muscle shaping and the other promoting some muscle growth and toning. The difference is clear. So, copy this URL to your browser to read more about your thighs.

Both subjects are trying to improve the same areas of their bodies. They have the same muscles - and these muscles anatomically function the same in all humans - therefore the same thigh exercises can be utilized with success in different scenarios. We help to make your legs look captivating and cute. Enjoy your stay.
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The first factor that has led most, if not all, women to success with toning up their butt through exercise is this:
Consistency - sticking with their butt targeted exercise program on a long term basis.
Women start & stop exercise programs all the time - & those people are always the first to complain "I can never get my butt to look firm and toned."
Getting a super sexy butt and firmly sculpted thighs is not working out for a few weeks, or even a few months, and then stopping - it just doesn't work that way.
You must be consistent with the proper butt and thigh exercises to achieve the look you want.Simply copy and Paste this to your browser Factor number two is being on the right butt exercise program. You can be consistent and faithful for months and months - and see no results if you are not on a good program. This does not mean you must spend two hours in the gym everyday, as a matter of fact, the best butt and thigh exercises can be done with no equipment right in your home.
We all know you can't spot reduce, from a theoretical standpoint anyway. But you can 'spot tone & lift' if you have a properly structured butt exercise program. I'm not talking about heavy weights, dangerous machines or sweaty & crowded health clubs. The easiest and most effective exercises can be done on a simple mat while you are watching TV or listening to your own music.
So, if you already have a good program - be consistent with it.
If you don't have a good butt exercise program - GET ONE! ...and get moving.
The third factor for getting your butt and thigh area in fit and sexy shape is proper nutrition.
Here are a few shortcuts for cutting unnecessary, fat producing calories from your diet: Simply Copy and paste this to your Browser and continue your reading to learn more.
(Note - For women trying to gain butt roundness and size - you do not have to worry about watching your calories as it applies to weight loss - just be sure that your food choices are from healthy sources - that will help build up your butt.)
1 - Keep track of all the calories you take in by way of liquids/drinks - you may be quite surprised - these are calories just the same as food calories - they can turn into fat if you are over you daily caloric needs - fat that goes right to your butt and thighs.
2 - Cooking too much, putting too much on your plate & eating too much - ALL WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT !! - see, most people eat subconsciously - without paying attention to what they are doing. Hence overeating becomes easy and regular. And those extra calories have a tendency to store themselves in the butt and thigh area of most women. Start eating consciously - be aware of what and HOW MUCH you are eating.
3 - Eating when you are not hungry - HELLO! If you are not hungry - your body is telling you something "I don't need the calories, right now." Don't eat out of boredom & don't eat just because 'everybody else is'. The best butt and thigh exercises won't work properly if you are negating the effects of a great butt and thigh exercise program with too many unnecessary calories. Copy and Paste this Url to your browser and you will know more.
Reminder - For women with 'flat butt syndrome' - you do not have to worry about cutting calories from your diet - keep calories at normal levels - this will promote proper development in the butt muscles as you incorporate the right exercises.
Take control of this kind of stuff and there is no stopping you, if you truly want to be sexy and fit. By being consistent with a properly structured butt & thigh exercise program and paying attention to your nutritional intake you can get a super sexy butt, hip and thigh area no matter what your age or previous exercise experience. You may achieve more visible results if you can apply a few body creams from this catalog
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