Sunday, October 24, 2010


The first factor that has led most, if not all, women to success with toning up their butt through exercise is this:
Consistency - sticking with their butt targeted exercise program on a long term basis.
Women start & stop exercise programs all the time - & those people are always the first to complain "I can never get my butt to look firm and toned."
Getting a super sexy butt and firmly sculpted thighs is not working out for a few weeks, or even a few months, and then stopping - it just doesn't work that way.
You must be consistent with the proper butt and thigh exercises to achieve the look you want.Simply copy and Paste this to your browser Factor number two is being on the right butt exercise program. You can be consistent and faithful for months and months - and see no results if you are not on a good program. This does not mean you must spend two hours in the gym everyday, as a matter of fact, the best butt and thigh exercises can be done with no equipment right in your home.
We all know you can't spot reduce, from a theoretical standpoint anyway. But you can 'spot tone & lift' if you have a properly structured butt exercise program. I'm not talking about heavy weights, dangerous machines or sweaty & crowded health clubs. The easiest and most effective exercises can be done on a simple mat while you are watching TV or listening to your own music.
So, if you already have a good program - be consistent with it.
If you don't have a good butt exercise program - GET ONE! ...and get moving.
The third factor for getting your butt and thigh area in fit and sexy shape is proper nutrition.
Here are a few shortcuts for cutting unnecessary, fat producing calories from your diet: Simply Copy and paste this to your Browser and continue your reading to learn more.
(Note - For women trying to gain butt roundness and size - you do not have to worry about watching your calories as it applies to weight loss - just be sure that your food choices are from healthy sources - that will help build up your butt.)
1 - Keep track of all the calories you take in by way of liquids/drinks - you may be quite surprised - these are calories just the same as food calories - they can turn into fat if you are over you daily caloric needs - fat that goes right to your butt and thighs.
2 - Cooking too much, putting too much on your plate & eating too much - ALL WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT !! - see, most people eat subconsciously - without paying attention to what they are doing. Hence overeating becomes easy and regular. And those extra calories have a tendency to store themselves in the butt and thigh area of most women. Start eating consciously - be aware of what and HOW MUCH you are eating.
3 - Eating when you are not hungry - HELLO! If you are not hungry - your body is telling you something "I don't need the calories, right now." Don't eat out of boredom & don't eat just because 'everybody else is'. The best butt and thigh exercises won't work properly if you are negating the effects of a great butt and thigh exercise program with too many unnecessary calories. Copy and Paste this Url to your browser and you will know more.
Reminder - For women with 'flat butt syndrome' - you do not have to worry about cutting calories from your diet - keep calories at normal levels - this will promote proper development in the butt muscles as you incorporate the right exercises.
Take control of this kind of stuff and there is no stopping you, if you truly want to be sexy and fit. By being consistent with a properly structured butt & thigh exercise program and paying attention to your nutritional intake you can get a super sexy butt, hip and thigh area no matter what your age or previous exercise experience. You may achieve more visible results if you can apply a few body creams from this catalog
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Bernard C Gakwe.

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