Wednesday, January 12, 2011


'Sexy thin thighs' - it's an elusive goals amongst so many women in the world. Elusive, not because it's an unachievable goal - but because just about every women doesn't know the true way to get attractively slim and toned, sexy thighs. Here's how to do it.
I recently had a chance to catch up with one of my favorite fitness colleagues at a womens' fitness conference in South Florida. We got into a conversation about the 2 ways women try to get sexy thin thighs...
Those 2 ways are:
1 - The Easy Way
2 - The Hard Way
The Hard Way actually was a long list of the many wrong and self-destructive ways of 'attempting' to get nice thin thighs, ranging from unrealistic heavy weights and uncomfortable machine type exercise programs to bogus 'spa' treatments (like body wraps) to 'slimming pills' to crazy 'diets' to ridiculous 'cleansing' juice fasts to 'miracle' thigh lotions and creams...
Of course, there was a whole lot more than that, but you get the idea of our candid conversation - that eventually came to the subject of The Easy Way to get attractively thin thighs.
This, of course, first assumes that a woman has flabby, fat, thick and heavy thighs - that she is unhappy, maybe even depressed with and wants to slim them down and firm them up.
Both of us wholeheartedly agreed that the easiest way for a woman to get sexy thin thighs is by:Copy and paste to your browser-
Rule One - following a properly structured, and targeted exercise routine, that focuses on the problem areas (in this case - the fat thighs).
Rule Two - combining that program with the right type and amount of cardiovascular exercise for calorie burning.
Rule Three - following a healthy, simple, and 'calorically correct' eating plan with foods that are readily available at any modern supermarket and taste good!
Rule Four - [Most Important] Committing to a lifestyle of 'fitness' habits that naturally result in a woman having 'those eye catching thighs' and a body to match, for the rest of her fun life.
Please make note that 'thin thighs' is a relative term - and most often can be replaced by 'thinner thighs' - because let's face it - 'too thin' is not sexy or desirable either.
Which takes us back to my philosophy on fitness and life:Copy and paste to your browser
"It's all about balance. Proper balance, that is." In other words - you can balance the wrongs things and that won't bring you the results you want. You must balance the right elements for to get the desired outcome.
My fitness colleague and dear friend, Victoria, agrees about finding balance in your fitness journey - as she will be the first to admit that her life used to be way out of balance until she decided it was time to change her body and her life for the better.

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Bernard C Gakwe

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