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Kidney stone develops when there is concentration of urine in the bladder which later forms to grow in size as a substance.  They become crystals which are removed from the body by the flow of urine. However, kidney stone can grow in any other part of the urinary track in the body, but usually it starts in the kidney.  You can even find them in the ureter of the bladder.

Common types of kidney stones include Cystine stones.  Calcium stones.  Uric Acid stones.  And Struvite stones.

Please you are advised to consult your doctor to determine the risk factor associated with the different types of kidney stone in your body if you have any.

Medical intervention is the most appropriate step to take when faced with kidney stone problems.  However, you can do the following to prevent it from developing in your body. (a) Limit your salt intake.
          (b) Limit your alcohol guzzling
          (c) Reduce the amount of vitamin C and D supplements.
          (d) Increase your daily water intake to about 13 glasses.
          (e) Your animal protein intake must be checked.
          (f) Oxalate and calcium based foods including yoghurt, ice cream etc. must be
                taken with care.
          (g) Finally, consult your DOCTOR!

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