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Beloved, i promised to give you well researched health improving topics at the start of  my write up, and here are some of the tips.

Time and old age do not favour beauty and there are many forces that make this happen.  Now as we grow old certain changes occur in our skin naturally and most of the changes are friendly, others are deadly requiring medical attention.
Both of them are unwanted because they make you age fast.

However, with regular health and skin care doctrine most of these changes may be prevented.  Including Cellulite which can be eradicted with this 5 stepsTruth About Cellulite

Some of the COMMON skin changes are:
(a) VARICOSE VEINS-  This is the twisting and swelling of the veins in a leg which looks bluish in colour.  It comes at certain stage in life though not very harmful.  One simple relief is, avoid standing for long periods and keep your feet raised when sitting down.

(b)VARICOSE ULCERS:  This can be caused by a backflow of blood in the veins resulting in high pressure and poor blood flow.  Any crack in the skin may not be able to heal, hence we have varicose ulcer.  Because of the complex nature of this type of ulcer, your best treatment will come from a DERMATOLOGIST.

More tips will come your way as you make efforts to dislodge cellulite from your hip, butt and thigh with this highly improved  and result oriented 5 STEPsTruth About Cellulite  And please look at the picture on this page of how it works to flush out cellulite from your body system.

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  1. I agree. My mom the most beautiful skin when she was young but when she grows old and had 4 kids she started to develop these veins and destroyed the beauty of her legs. We are actually having some appointments to a spider vein removal clinic and they are helping so far. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dear Kim_Burns,
      Thank you for your relevant feedback. I trust your doctor will do a great work on legs by the grace of God.
      We talk later.
      Bernard Chikere Gakwe.

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