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This may be out of the way but read it for the sake of your man.

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This chemical turns men into "girly men" - BPA If there's one message I try to keep hammering home in this newsletter, it is the danger present in some of the harmful chemicals that we are exposed to in our food supply, our cleaning supplies, our environment, as well as lotions, shampoos, etc. As you know, one topic I talk about often is how we are being bombarded by chemicals known as "xenoestrogens" in our new modern chemical-laden world, and the harm to BOTH men and women with these chemicals Check It Here! 

 Read this new article to protect yourself from this potential harm. This chemical turns men into "girly men" (how much exposure are you getting?) This question according to Mike Geary a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Trainer is begging for answer.

 As you can see in that article, we are exposed to this chemical in some weird places, including that shiny paper receipt that you get from almost any store when it touches your skin, or touches your food (yes, even common receipts are one of your exposure points).

 Also, if you read this article, you can find out how you are exposed to this harmful chemical in canned tomatoes as well as bottled drinks. You NEED to know what to watch out for to protect yourself from these harmful "xenoestrogens". And although we should always do our best to avoid exposure to BPA and other xenoestrogens, some exposure is going to happen anyway, as these chemicals are all around us. There is a specific class of vegetables that can help fight against xenoestrogens and belly fat Check It Here!

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 I wrote in most of my blogs my promise to serve you well researched health tips that will enrich your life over time.

 So, we continue with BPA as we listen to another expert on nutrition about the effects of this chemical on your reproductive system. Exposure To This Can Harm Men AND Women 

In one of the articles i presented in my blog, the issue of BPA – chemical damage in female was discussed and now it has been confirmed that the problem is unisex. 
 This is a threat to a growing population and would- be parents will have to carry out series of checkups to ensure that the men are active and capable of doing what is expected of them to do

 In summary, this experts Kevin Didonato Ms, CSCS, CES writes about BPA chemical as it affects the male sperm count . Now read the whole report

 There is a NEW reason to be worried

 Gentlemen, there are chemicals which may be harmful to your sperm. In fact, these chemicals are SPERM KILLERS. And ladies, this means if you and your spouse (would be parents) are attempting to have a child and become pregnant, then you may be striking out every time.

 Health organizations around the world want to ban this chemical in products. Do you hear that? All because of adverse health concerns it poses in animal models and in humans as well. 

 This chemical: BPA.  is found in EVERYTHING! What Is BPA? 

 BPA is a chemical commonly used in plastics, but is found in many other products we use every day. From daily health care products to canned food linings, BPA is a common chemical that was introduced as a way to maintain food and all its health-providing qualities from spoilage. 

 The problem: BPA may be linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. And this is a BIG problem! BPA In Women And Men 

Men, BPA exposure may dramatically LOWER testosterone levels and SPERM count. In fact, a study on Chinese factory workers exposed to high levels of BPA showed a decrease in sperm quality and sperm count. Exposure led to 3 times the risk of lower sperm concentration and vitality, and 4 times more likely to have decreased sperm counts

 Canada wants to (or already has) labeled BPA as toxic. Research by the Canadian Health Ministry showed that 91% of Canadians had increased urinary concentrations of BPA, and levels were HIGHER in children between the ages of 6 and 11. 

 Women, not only can BPA interfere with your man’s testosterone and sperm count, but it also may be dangerous for YOU and YOUR health. BPA may be linked to polycystic ovary syndrome, which is associated with lower chance of getting pregnant due to increased testosterone levels. Polycystic ovary syndrome may make it even harder to get pregnant.  
Although there is a better approach to getting pregnant using natural and holistic method 

 Researchers showed a significant increase in BPA in the urine of women with polycystic ovary syndrome. More research is warranted and the exact reason why BPA is higher is unclear.

 Sources Of BPA   So where exactly can you find BPA? Canned Foods Canning has been used for hundreds of years as a way to keep food fresh while retaining the nutrition. However, industry has changed and BPA was introduced as a way to line canned foods which preserved foods better. 

 It may be shown that BPA may leak into the food, resulting in increased levels of BPA in humans. Cash Money And Receipts There may even be exposure to BPA when you handle a receipt after you purchase your canned goods. Thermal paper, which is common paper used for cash receipts was found to have increased levels of BPA. 

BPA can be transferred from the paper to your fingers then to anything else you TOUCH. When BPA makes its way into your body, it acts as an endocrine blocker.*******Check it out Here

 BPA binds to receptor sites on your cells, resulting in INCREASED estrogen levels

 In men, BPA blocks normal cholesterol synthesis in the liver, which may inhibit testosterone and sperm production. 
 Stop The Sperm Killers, no matter where you turn, there seems to be something which can kill your sperm. BPA is one such chemical which can kill sperm cells and decrease your testosterone levels at the same time! 

BPA is found in everything and further research needs to be done to determine how harmful the chemical BPA is. BPA exposure may not only lead to decreased testosterone levels and sperm count, but also in polycystic ovary syndrome. Combating the effects of low testosterone may increase sperm production and mobility.
 Thanks for taking your time to read this piece of health information. 

Enjoy your reading and stay with us. 
Bernard Chikere Gakwe

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