Friday, August 19, 2016

CHEWING Gum CAN Make you Fat

Hello this is Ben.

As I'm helping my colleague, to get the word out about her  - B B Method,  it's reminding me of some of the things I see women doing DAILY that are backfiring on the body and causing the exact problems each woman would like to avoid... For example:

A few weeks ago I wrote about my friend who cut out coffee creamer from her daily routine - and when I saw her a few weeks later, her entire midsection was literally half the size. I had NEVER seen anything that dramatic before...

So, that is easily:
Belly-Fat Trigger #1: Coffee Creamers (both regular and "low-cal").

By using these on a daily basis - women are putting a chemical cocktail into their delicate system - and setting the stage for bloat, swelling, and excess weight (not to mention the ill effects on overall health and wellness).

How many reasons does one need to quit those? Keep your shape to match your gait Check it Out Here!

This takes us to Belly-Fat Trigger #2: Low-cal and Sugarless Chewing Gum.

I've written about this before but this message needs to keep spreading and needs to be reinforced:

Low-cal and Sugarless Chewing Gums are loaded with chemical sweetening agents (plus a few other suspect ingredients; BHT, etc..) The 3 biggies to avoid are; Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose and Aspartame

It's INCREDIBLE how many women rely on several packs of this type of chewing gum - DAILY. Lots of women do this to keep them from overeating - or snacking out of boredom, etc...

But in reality - the heavy doses of the chemicals contained in these products can be causing more bloat and weight gain than the average woman would suspect.

Additionally - the possibility of diseases (cancer, leukemia, etc...) caused by these agents is becoming more of a concern. (some of these have already been banned on other countries). You can shape up naturally Check it Out Here!

Belly-Fat Trigger #3: "100 Cal Snack Packs"

There are SO MANY 100 cal snack packs on the shelves now - it's crazy... BUT, most of the ones I've seen are 100 cals of pure sugar and/or processed white flour. AND - I don't think here are many women "who can eat just one" pack...

It's like trying to take tiny doses of something you're addicted to - knowing that there are more doses right there within arms reach.. And what's another 100 cals?

Well - they add up... a few hundred calories a day from processed flour and sugar, just from "snacking" - is another belly-fat trigger. Simple but true. See, instead of those flour bombs - the key is to snack on nutrient dense, high fiber/water veggies. (cucumbers, peppers, tomato, carrots).

Ben, please share this email with anyone you know who is still doing any of the above "habits". You never know who you might help.

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Enjoy your stay.

Gakwe Bernard Chikere
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