Saturday, October 15, 2016



my $1.92 Age-defying, "MoJo" enhancing shot-glass refreshment...

Hello Everyone,

This is a short but interesting article, just a moment, and you are done.

I hope you've had a positive and productive week. ...It's been a great one here, as we are in month #4 since the opening of SCULPTAFIT Studio location #1...

Here's a recent photo taken just before the start of one of our afternoon classes (I'm normally not in the studio [WOMEN ONLY], but my team does allow me in for meetings or a nice "hello" between classes...)

Lots of exciting things happening as the Studio grows and word starts to spread... Looking ahead to taking the concept to other places.

I'll keep you posted for sure, check it out Here

Now, when I say "shot-glass" you know it has nothing to do with booze, because I don't drink (not sure if you read that blog post a little ways back??)

But I do want to let you know my favorite full-spectrum greens juice powder has a special going on right now (and they deliver WORLDWIDE). You can use this coupon code to place your discounted order: SEPTEMBER10

Why do I, and other health/fitness pros take these #1 selling Greens?

Because Ive tried MANY of them and they all taste HORRIBLE. This one is actually enjoyable - AND more importantly the quality is second to NONE... It has all the ingredients a middle-aged, health conscious person needs and wants in a greens supplement...

I baffle people daily when I tell them my age, and I attribute these tasty and powerful greens as one of the ingredients in my anti-aging regimen (BTW - these are GOLD when I'm on the go and/or traveling - a true life-saver)

 here's a photo of me enjoying mine yesterday morning (you can see I get the container and the travel packs as well) ( check it out Here so you can get yours and use discount code: SEPTEMBER10

We talk later.
Enjoy your stay.
Bernard Chikere Gakwe

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