Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Hello My Elegant Reader,
Thank you for your constant visit to my blog which i have been able to observe from the number of viewing recorded so far. And because you are dear to me, i would strive to give you the best.
Today's topic is about Douche. Do not worry about the meaning yet.
In one of my articles i explained the disadvantages of vaginal odor and its implications.  It is not a healthy situation in itself.  It is usually caused by some unfriendly bacteria affecting the private part.
However, some women help this bacteria to attack their body by washing their vagina with SOAP, Antiseptic, and even Chemicals to keep it clean.

It is not a crime to be neat xx, but it must not be done at the expense of your health, and so, you must follow simple and natural ways Check It Out Here!

 Experts in the field of Gynaecology and Obstetrics have warned that women who practice douche life style, are prone to frequent bacteria infection or attack.

I will not go into details here because i am not a doctor, but would advise that you go and find out from  your doctor if what i have told you is correct or not and let me have your feedback.  While we wait for the doctor's comment,i would  advice you to apply this simple method which guarantees odorless vagina in less time than you can imagine  Check It Out Here!

Let me recap the second paragraph in another way.  It is good to look neat inside, but let it not be at the expense of your health.  There are simple methods you could follow at less costs than applying soap and chemical to keep your private part clean without endangering the status level of your vagina.
These methods are simple to adopt, natural and risk free.  You can work it day and night.
Now, could you please find out which method suits your interest and body configuration?
Thanks a lot and enjoy your stay.
We talk later.
Bernard Chikere Gakwe   

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